Magical Advent Calender: Door by Door!

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The Wizard101 advent calender lets you open a door every day from the 1st to the 24th of December!
Simply answer the question behind each door. Submit the correct answer and you could win rare seeds, reagents and snacks.
On the Sundays of Advent you could even win pets and mounts. On Christmas Eve the winner will receive a very special surprise!

Information on how it works!

You will go to the link that we will provide you and you will find there the advent Calender. You can open, per day, one door from the 1st till the 24th of December.
When you click on the lit door of the respective day, you will find a question about Wizard101 behind it. Answer it correctly and get a chance to become one of the winners of that day!

Please don't forget to fill out the form correctly as we need your account name and e-mail address to assign your answer to your account in case you're one of our winners.
No need for you to go and play in other communities if you do not have an active account there since the gift can only be used in the community's language that you won it from.

Each day 6 winners will be drawn automatically and designated randomly by our system. The drawing usually will be taking place on the following day with the exception of weekends.

Speed is not of importance here (as long as you don't miss the dead-line), it doesn't matter how fast you answer the question, only if you have answered it correctly, so be careful! Feel free to get in the game and double or even triple check your answers.

As soon as the winners are drawn their name will appear in the associated door, so make sure to check! It is very probably that the distribution of the items could take some days because we have to send them manually so be patient!

Conditions of Participation:

You can participate only once per day with your internet connection. We understand this might cause a problem to families that play together but in order to avoid cheating we had to add some limits. On the bright side you can see what is the prize before answering the question so all you need to do is just to check which family member could possibly make a good use out of it and let them answer on that day.

Do not try to open doors for other days than the actual one. Impatient Wizards really bother Malistaire that put a curse on the Calender that will stunt all Wizards that try to abuse this.

The Questions and Answers of the Calender can't be announced (i.e. on the Forum/Board) before the Answer is given by the Calender itself. All Wizards that will try to get information or post the answer before the Calendar has it announced will be banned at least from the Forum. Of course after the day is passed and the answer is given you are free to discuss about it on the forum.

Not all Wizards with the correct answer will get a prize. The winners will be randomly picked by the Calender itself, so even if you don't win some times don't stop playing, you never know!

(Open the first door on 01.12.2012)

Good luck to you all!


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Storm School Celebration!

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Why Hello Wizards,

The random particles of the Spiral we have mathematically formulated will be aligned from December 3rd through the 10th and will be holding our Storm School Celebration to mark the occasion. With special offerings in the Crowns Shop for Storm wizards and Storm themed items and discounted Storm items regularly in the Crowns Shop.

To mark the celebration we of course need some decorations! So starting today until December 4th at midnight we will be collecting your Storm Banners you can submit


We will be holding a Storm School Celebration party on Friday December 7th. With classroom group photo and mount races. There will be more details in the days before.


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New Writer!

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Hello, viewers of Wizard101 World!
My name's Cody, and I am honored to become a writer of such a great site!


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100th Post and Wizard101 UK Pre-Anniversary Extravaganza!

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The Wizard101 UK Anniversary is just weeks away, and with all the festivities being prepared, the fansiters are getting involved and offering contests for your entertainment! Legends of the Spiral is giving away over 10,000 crowns in total and other fansiters still are disclosing with one another on what they will be doing! I have decided that to devote ourselves to her majesty, the Queen of Marleybone's Wizard101 UK 2nd Year Game Anniversary, we should show our respect to them by creating a anniversary themed video! And, it has been 2 years and I think it is time we had a poll on our community, that's right, it is the Wizard101 UK Community Choice Awards! Read more by clicking HERE!

Image created by Legends of the Spiral UK, all credit goes to them.

The Wizard101 UK Community Choice Awards will give players the opportunity to vote for their favorite staff member and fansite! Polls will also be hosted on the forum and entries from both polls will be added and totted up. The winners will be announced on the 15th December 2012. VOTE ON MASON'S JOURNAL!

Also because this is my 100th post I will be giving away 3 hoard pack provided by me. It's not a big award, but someone would like to have a free hoard, maybe a mount or epic decoration is awaiting you in it. a Rafflecopter giveaway Good luck everyone!


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Looking for Staff!

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As Wizard101 World is only one post away from 100, it is also doing a new step! I am looking for 1 or 2 authors for the blog. Because of school duty, I can barely write a post every day. Not to make the blog a desert in the "between time" I will hire 1 or 2 authors to keep it clean and fresh with me.

Picture is not owned by me.

- Good grammar
-Knowledge about dactylography (Writing Style)
- Being able to write about Wizard101 UK, US, or Pirate101
- To be 13+ (If you are under 13, you need your parents permission!)

If you are OK with the requirments, then go ahead and send an email to with the subject "Author Application"!
In the email write only your first name, years and why I should pick you!
Applications are open until the 10th of December.
You think you have a shot? Or meet 3/4 requirements? Then go on and send us an email.
I'll be happy if I see some soon.


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I did a lot of these days, from leveling and questing on Pirate101 to jogging for 3 full hours.
Maybe it doesn't seem much, but it was awful.

Let's stick to the Pirate101 theme.
Well the game is really, really cool. Very entertaining and fun for the whole family.
I learned an awesome cool spell which allows me to hide from enemies for 5 ROUNDS! It's called "Walk in Darkness".

I think this spell is really useful in battles where you have to activate something, like the statues when you need to fight Gortez, or when you need to release the Guinea Pig from the cage in Black Cave.

Have I mentioned I defeated Bobby Bones? Well, yes I did, and it was pretty easy with Sarah Steele, Ratbeard, Bonnie and Old Scratch on my side. Many say Old Scratch is lame and a weak companion, but he is not. Yes, he misses a lot, but hey that's why he can summom a level 6 Skeleton Pirate for help.

There is a interesting thing that poked my eye there, it looked trully amazing.
Those Skeletal Dragons. They look sooo epic. I wish we could do something similar on our ships, but who knows?

After this side quest, I continued with my main ones. I've defeated Optimus Caerulus and got the map I needed. 

Then it was the time for a dungeon. BAM-BAM-BAAM!
I had to defeat Gortez and bring him to Monquista City. Let's see what or how I did.
After I entered the dungeon, they sent me straight to Ordaz. Because I was alone there were no helpers, it was a fight 1v1. I used my meele attack first, then I used Hurl Knife. After I got disbalanced, I used Walk in Darkness. While I was invisible to him I healed 2 times (Privateer lv1 spell and a eye-patch that only beta players got). I was on the track then and I was attacking him until he was dead.

I forgot to say he gave me a nice compliment! I am a mighty warrior!

Aguirre told me then to visit a Crystal Cave. I visited it and was SHOCKED! Like really SCHOCKED! The cave is beautiful. Wanna see it? Then look.

The crystals were whispering me stuff, but then I heard "my parents" whispering me the place where they are.
I went to Aguirre and he said I am ready for Gortez, but also told me not to talk to Gortez, only to listen to him. HA-HA. He won't tell me what to do.

Look what cute pet I got from Gortez! Thank you Mason for helping out!

To get to the end of the post, here is a riddle. Will you be able to solve it? :P

Happy Wizarding and be safe around the Spiral!


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Go catch that turkey!

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Thanksgiving has arrived… and so has Harvest Hannah! She’s waiting for you in Wizard City’s Shopping District and has lots of great stuff on offer. To match the warm glowing colours of the Autumn trees – which is called an ‘Indian Summer’ in the USA, you can accessorise with a feathered headdress as worn by Native Americans. Or alternatively, put on a Turkey Hat – you’re sure to attract a lot of attention with that on your head.

Thanksgiving Day is a holiday celebrated primarily in the United States and Canada. Thanksgiving is celebrated each year on the second Monday of October in Canada and on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States. Because of the longstanding traditions of the holiday, the celebration often extends to the weekend that falls closest to the day it is celebrated. Several other places around the world observe similar celebrations. Historically, Thanksgiving had roots in religious and cultural tradition. Today, Thanksgiving is primarily celebrated as a secular holiday.

Happy Wizarding! Be safe around the Spiral!


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Coloring Contest - Be one of our 20 winners!

05:14 Ernis 1 Comments

Do you like coloring? Who doesn't, right? Then I got something really interesting for you.

Wizard101 EU is holding a "Coloring Contest" - it's very simple to enter, keep reading to get informed.

First Step:
Visit the coloring pages of our Wizard101 UK: CLICK HERE

Second Step:
Choose a page that you would like to color and either print it yourself if you know how, either ask your parents to print it for you.
(Please make sure you use a normal white A4 paper and that the picture is big enough to be able to admire it!)

Third Step:

Fourth step:
Write at the down of your masterpiece:
I love

Fifth step:
Write your information at the back side of the picture, so they can send you a 1 of 20 gift cards if you win one, of course. Also if the pictures are too big, you can freely fold it.
The adress you will have to send it to is:
c/o Gameforge 4D GmbH
Albert-Nestler-Strasse 8
76131 Karlsruhe

Send the picture before the 27th November!
(Ask your parents for permission!)


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Drums, please?

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The time has come for me to announce the winner of the "Best Haunting Halloween Story" Contest.
First I want to stay it was really hard for me to pick one, because there were some really really good ones.
From the Doll from Hell to the Magic Curse, and the spooky Seth story, but they weren't the winners. :(
Don't be sad, you will have more luck next time - which is really soon.

So, the winner of the Best Haunting Halloween Story is Blaze FireBreath.
Here is his story, it is NOT Wizard101 related, but the story is really really good.

Don't read the story if you get easily scared.


It all started on a full moon night. I was in the living room watching some tv and I was home allone. It started to rain and the tv started to act up. I thought it was because of the rain and I didn't pay much attention to it and went on my laptop. I tried to turn my laptop on but how weird it wouldn't start. I thought it was because of the battery so I got the charger. I put my laptop on the table and went to get the charger wich I had left in my room. When I came back my laptop was on the couch. I was confused and told myself I probably put it there and just forgot or something. As I hook up my charger to my laptop I hear something like a small explosion and all the lights go off. Me jumping up I remember there is a flashlight in the kitchens drawer I run to it and turn it on. I was breathing heavily and was getting scared. Just as I wanted to return to the living room I feel something lightly touching my shoulder and turn around really fast and just as I do that boom all the lights go on. I was really scared and run to the phone to call my mother. I dial the numbers and put the phone agains my ear. After a few bleeps my mom picks up and I say to her that I am really scared she tells me that there is nothing to worry about and that "we will take care of you" and as she says that her voice becomes deeper and almost scary. I aks her if something is wrong and I heard a very creepy voice say:' there is nothing to be scared of you belong to us now.' I imediatelly hang up and throw the phone across the room. After a few seconds of silence all the lights turn off again and something grabs me and pulls me somewhere. And instantelly I feel a huge burn and pain in my wrists and some kind of warm fluid flows out of the place that burns. I try to scream of pain but nothing comes out. Suddenly a little light comes and starts growing. I am able to see more and more. And the more I see the more I want the light to go off. All I see are bodies that all have one thing in commen they all have these wholes in there wrists. As I remember the burn I felt in my wrists and look at them. I see chains coming out of them and going to a dark corner. I look closely and imediatelly regret that I looked I see this creature that has a black cloak covering almost its whole body except for the pale white hands and the bloodred eyes. Me trembling in fear all I know to do is scream and say:''what is happening!' It bends its head and looks at me. It scrathes it nails agains the walls and blood starts coming out from its hands and it starts writing all these weird signs on the wall. Then it looks back at me and runs towards me. It opens my mouth and starts crawling inside it and I scream of pain and fear. I black-out and after a while I woke up again in my bed screaming. I hear footsteps running to my room and stop screaming my door opened and just as I feared the most  my mom walks in with a worried face. We talk and it looked like everything I thought happened last night was a dream. But I have this weird feeling and I remember the pain in my wrist I look at them and they are red! I start breathing heavily again and one memory comes back. The weird signs on the wall but I remember them differently I can read them now. It says that I have been chosen as the demons host. And it says that every midnight on the day of halloween the demon will come out again and find another child to bind it to. As those last thoughts cross me mind everything goes black and my memories start to fade away. And one question crosses:'' who will be the next host.'' and I fall asleep.

And that is the story of  the boy that never spoke again.

I hope you enjoyed the story as much as I did, Blaze will be contacted soon and will receive his Wolfhound, until then be safe.

Happy Wizarding, see you around the Spiral!


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New Stuff on the US Server!

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Keeper's Lore Pack!
The Keeper's Lore pack is here, and with it your Wizard has a chance to gain new spells!
There's also a chance to get other cool new items including:
- Three new Armor Sets, including the Jade Mystery Armor Set
- Three new Banner Weapons, including the Silver Order of the Spiral Banner
- New Emberstone Tiger Pet
- New Bobbleheads

The spells from the Keeper's Lore Pack are reward spells, and do not cost your Wizard a training point. They will go into your spellbook just like any spell you have learned from a trainer, and they will not disappear when you sell your spells back for Training Points with Mr. Lincoln. They will obey the rules of a normal spell, meaning you can blade, trap, enchant etc. If you receive a spell from the Keeper's Lore Pack, it will not appear as a reward again on that character. You cannot delete or sell these special spells.

Powerpips & Keeper's Lore Spells

Keepers's Lore Pack spells will obey the rules of pips and powerpips. If you are a Myth Wizard and receive a Myth spell it will use your pips and powerpips accordingly. If you are a Balance Wizard and receive a Myth spell, it will use your pips & powerpips accordingly. If you are wearing a Myth Mastery Amulet, it will use your pips & power pips accordingly.


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Veteran's Day Item for Pirate101 and Wizard101!

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Sunday is Veteran's Day, and Kingsisle is giving another promotion away in honor of the veterans who fought and served their country.This year they are giving away a Medal Display Case for Wizard101 and Pirate101. 

(You can reedem it on or - the picture is linked to, but you can reedem it with your Wizard101 US details.)
Kingsisle has gave promotions like this during Veteran's day in recent years on Wizard101, you know can get an item in Pirate101. Kingsisle is a really great game for having this event every single year for the Veterans.
Thank you again Veterans! 


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Mix Post!

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Hello Wizards,

For each Wednesday of this Wyvember, around 10 o'clock in the morning we'll be offering one of the Wyverns from the Wyvern's Hoard Pack in our Shop for just a day!

Make sure you are able to buy the Wyvern you like, since they will not be coming back in the shop again for a long time and each Wyvern (Fire, Jade, Gold, Cloud) will appear in the shop only once this month!
(25000 crowns - each)

Avast! Puppet Pirates is our new cartoon series based around Boochbeard and Gandry. It's a one-panel humorous comic inspired by the loading screens found in Pirate101 and will be captioned by the fans of the game through our Facebook page!

On a regular basis we'll be uploading a Puppet Pirate picture and asking for caption ideas. We'll then take our favorite captions and ask for votes. After all the votes are tallied, the caption with the most votes will be permanently added to the comic and featured on

Sorry for not making my own post in this month, it just the pressure school gives me. Soon (date unknown) I will make a BIG Wizard101, Pirate101 and DMO post. It will be full of helpful informations, and maybe a code or two to win before the big announcment of the winners in 2 days, of my halloween contest, remember? :)


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News From the Forum!

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Hello Wizards,

We will be having a short downtime November 5th starting at 7am. The Spiral will be unavailable for as long as it takes to clean all the forgotten body parts, rotting Jack O Lanterns and recycled witches brew. A few Tempests to clean the streets and Kraken hired to clear the sewers have already been put on order and will be standing by. Please note after maintenance the Death School Celebration Crowns Shop and Halloween will be gone until next year. The regular Crowns Shop will be back until our next school celebration.


The Brave Piggle has faced the ghosts and ghouls of Hallowe'en and is now ready for a rest. Coming to your rescue as the rains of fall and frosty mornings approach is the Indigo Dragon. Who will leave your opponents feeling weak in the knees as you stand tall.

This gift card is available to buy in the UK and can only be redeemed for Wizard101 UK and other European Wizard communities.


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